Ruthie (tealight_rookie) wrote in trigeeks,

Blurred, watery vision after swim training (wearing goggles)

Hi all,

First a bit of background: I'm brand new to this community. I've been running for almost three years, and completed my first marathon earlier this year. Friends have been on at me to give triathlons a go, and so I've finally decided to take the plunge (no pun intended). I haven't signed up for anything yet, and plan on using the winter to build my cycling and swimming fitness so that I can do a couple of sprints next summer.

Anyway: the point of this post! Today I swam just over a mile (1800 meters), wearing goggles. All good, though in fairness there was a little pressure from the goggles at points. Anyway, about twenty minutes after getting out of the pool I get this really weird watery, shimmery, blurred vision, kind of in circles across my eyes. No blackness or 'curtains' or flashing lights; it just kind of looked like I still had the goggles on and that water had collected round the edges. A little bit of pressure, but no pain.

An hour later it's all gone. I've spoken with NHS direct (24 hour NHS helpline here in the UK) and they say it's nothing to worry about (ruled out detached retina or anything neurological - thank god!) But I'm curious as to what might have caused this. I would also prefer for it to not happen again!

Anyone experienced anything similar? Any advice?
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