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gear/apparel question

So... I'm doing my first ever sprint triathlon a week from today. (The Baierl YMCA sprint triathlon in Pittsburgh, in case there's anyone local here - 700 meter swim, 12 mile bike, 5K run.) And there's something that's causing me a decent amount of anxiety.

I don't know what I'm going to wear.

I was planning to wear a plain old Speedo training suit for the swim. (The swimming portion is in a pool in what will most likely be 80+ degree weather, so I had assumed that a wetsuit would be completely unnecessary.) I have good padded bike shorts and decent running shoes. My main concern (and I apologize if this is TMI), but I'm a relatively, err... voluptuous woman (between D and DD cups), and I don't think I've ever run more than three steps without a sports bra since I was about twelve. (Insert joke about two black eyes here.) Doing the bike portion without one would be inconvenient and uncomfortable; doing the running portion without one would be pretty much impossible.

This is probably incredibly stupid on my part, but I had assumed that the transition areas would have tents or booths or something where people could change clothes. There is absolutely no information about the logistics of this particular triathlon online, so I have no idea whether people typically change clothes during the transitions or not, but from reading over a few posts in this community, this appears to be pretty uncommon in the sprint distances. I suppose if absolutely necessary I could try to (discreetly) change into a sports bra during the first transition regardless of what other people are doing, but I would really, really prefer not to be either disqualified or arrested.

Does anyone have any advice? My (very well-meaning) husband has suggested that I wear a sports bra under my swimsuit during the swim, but I think that would look pretty stupid and also feel incredibly uncomfortable given that I think a wet sports bra must weigh 5 pounds. I've seen special triathlon suits that are meant to be worn for all three legs of the triathlon, but (a) I didn't see any that included an underwire sports bra, (b) they were all pretty expensive - more money than I can justify given that I essentially signed up for this on a whim, and (c) I would need to basically order one tomorrow and pray it got here in time.

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give.
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