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My first ever Oly is coming up in 3 weeks.

I still have a week to register, and I'm glad I haven't yet because it turns out there was a huge fire at a fertilizer store in the city, and all the water they used to put the flames out has carried the fertilizer into a nearby creek that empties into the lake where the race is being held. No one is allowed to swim in that area right now.

So while I hope that the race will still go on, I'm also incredibly nervous. I'm not good at open water swimming so I expect about half my swim will be breaststroke. That's okay. 40 minutes.

I'm in great shape for cycling so no issues there, and I used to live in Kelowna so I know the route well. 100 minutes.

The run...the run is killer. I haven't been able to run a full 10k at all during training, because my knees are so bad. After this race and over the winter, I'm going to focus on increasing my speed for sprint distances races and strengthening my knees. Honestly I just hope I can do this in 75 minutes.

Even if I have to walk half the 10k, I know I can finish, and I should still come in under 4 hours. However, I'm also disappointed in myself for not being faster by now. Most people say, "wow, it's such an accomplishment just to finish an Olympic distance tri!" but at age 31, and working out 6 days a week (and hard, too), I really feel like I should be faster.

Once I'm done I'll still be proud of myself (as long as I do finish under 4 hours)...but until then...butterflies in stomach, etc.
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