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Choosing a Training Plan

First, a little background. I am a new athlete -- started running in April of 2008. I am still slow, but have made great progress in 2 years -- completed tons of 5Ks, a few 10Ks, 3 half marathons, and I'm currently training for my first marathon at the end of February.

Tomorrow is my last long run of marathon training and then I begin the taper, so I thought that would be a good time to begin slowly adding in swimming and biking to rebuild that base. Last year I ventured into the world of triathlons and completed a few sprints and a duathlon. This year I want to push myself a bit and train for an olympic triathlon in September.

Last year I didn't have a structured training plan for the tris, but I did ok. This year I want to be a bit more serious about my tri training like I have been with my marathon training. I'm trying to pick an olympic triathlon training plan and have a few questions for those with more experience:

1) Should I choose a balanced training plan of all 3 sports or give a bigger focus to one sport? I was considering a run focus to maintain my running base for marathon training starting in June, and because I enjoy running the most, but maybe I should focus on improving my weakest sport? Even that is not so clear cut though. Swimming is clearly my weakest sport, but I think I can make bigger gains by trying to improve my bike than my swim. Swimming is all about survival for me and I don't care that much if I become a faster swimmer.

2) I still want to have time for yoga, strength/core training, and occasionally kickboxing. So I am torned between a 3x balanced plan and a run focused plan with 2 swim, 2 bike, and 3 run.

3) Most plans are 16-20 weeks, but I have like 30. What do I do in the meantime? I plan to race some B and C races for fun and practice, but not sure if I should start a sprint training plan now and then switch to an olympic 20 weeks out or just build a base some other way.


Thanks for your input!

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