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Panic in crunch-time

So, I'm registered to do my *first* Olympic-length triathlon this Sunday. Which is exciting.

BUT (you knew there was a but)

I've been down with flu this week. All week. Today is Thursday down here, the race is Sunday, I've been stuck in bed since *last* Sunday, which means I missed my last key bike ride.

I'm mostly better today (no fever since yesterday morning), but I still get tired fairly easily. And my cough is lingering. And it is a productive cough (In other words, stuff gets hacked up.) I'm coughing much less frequently than I have been, but I'm nervous about getting back. I don't want to do much on Saturday, so it would only be today and tomorrow that I can do much exercise at all.

My training got me to the point where I feel like I could finish, but it would be ugly. This flu has knocked me far enough back that I'm nervous about finishing, especially if I'm not fully recovered by Sunday.

The way I see it, I have basically three options:
1. Do it anyway and push through. (However, I do work 2 days later)
2. Call the event organizers and ask to drop down to the Sprint Distance instead. (Which means I'll have wasted half my training.)
3. Call the event organizers and cancel my entry. (Which means I'll have wasted all my training and my entry fee, but would be the safest tack.)

Has anyone else had something like this happen? In any distance race, triathlon or not? What did you do?

*Note: I know that it is really common to get sick during the taper period. I just didn't expect to get sick, since I was being careful. Or, at least not *this* sick.

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